About the company

FarmWella is an impact-driven agricultural company that put farmers at the center of all she does. At FarmWella, we utilize technology and appropriate innovative models to create access to information, education, training, and resources smallholder farmers need to farm well.

We are on the mission to transform African agriculture into the one that feed the world and itself sustainably. We hope to achieve this by empowering farmers to be more productive, make more profit, and make our planet more livable. We do this by giving farming communities access to information, education, training, technology, inputs, finance, and the market they need to farm well and improve their productivity, profitability, and environmental impacts.

FarmWella is powered by people who believe in creating solutions to existing problems in African Agriculture and transform them into economic opportunities for all stakeholders. We believe that Africa’s greatest opportunity for development lies in Agriculture. We are passionate about using our technology and innovative models to create improved value for all stakeholders and help farmers grow more, sell more and sell for more.