Our Services

Our services provide a multi-pronged solution that tackles the three main difficulties in Africa's unstructured agricultural sector: access to farm support services, efficient production, and access to profitable market.

Agricultural Support

Support services are available for farmers in our network to attain optimal levels of productivity and produce quality while minimizing negative environmental impacts


A production system have been developed to optimize the agricultural production efficiency of a small-scale farm more like a large scale farm.


Farmers are given access to our market services which include good warehousing practices, reliable marketing system, alongside increased profits.

Agricultural Support Services

Farmwella partners with banks and other organizations to create a credit that makes it possible for farmers in the network to access all the support services needed to implement sustainable agricultural practices. For instance, we partner with Bank of Agriculture of Nigeria to fund the working capital and with private individuals to sponsor the farm infrastructure farmers need to fully implement our solution. We also partner with seed companies, fertilizer companies, bio-pesticides companies to ensure farmers within our network access these farm inputs at discount. Our technology is designed to educate and guide the farmers throughout the farming cycle. The technology also monitors farm activities and the disbursement of agricultural inputs, at the right  time, and applied in the right ways. This ensures that members of Farmwella attain optimal levels of productivity and product quality while minimizing negative environmental impacts. This solution reduces risks to members of the farmer groups, thereby reducing the effective cost of capital to finance the members of Farmwella.

Production Services

This is our corporate cluster farming system that gives farmers access to modern farming infrastructure to optimize production and profitability. This unique production system makes it possible to realize the agricultural production efficiency of a large scale farm within the context of small-scale farms. Combined with this production system is continuous training and development to establish strong farmer groups, increase production efficiency, boost productivity, improve the soil, and enhance profitability.


Market Services

Members get access to Farmwella market services that assure good warehousing practices, access to good markets, and increased profits. Every member of the network enjoys the guaranteed minimum price that helps boost confidence and reduce uncertainty for the farmers. The marketing system also makes it possible to realize the premium value of the crops produced with a unique and sustainable production system. The combination of the agricultural support services, a unique production system, and a reliable marketing system creates a franchisable model that makes it possible to replicate and scale sustainable agriculture in Africa.