Cornelius Adewale



2012 - Present

Washington State University

I came here with the goal of learning how to develop sustainable agricultural models. I have ended up learning and doing more.  I have been part of world-class research teams, developed international award willing digital tools, taught many classes, published many peer review papers and book chapter, got married, and have a child.

2013 - 2017

Tilth Producers of Washington

This was when I joined the board of the organization because of my passion for agricultural sustainability but ended using my accounting skill more as the director of finance of the organization for 3 years. 

2008 - 2011

Gseed Farm

This was when I started an organic vegetable farm with just about $20 and increase the value of the company by 150X within 3 years.

About Me

I have firsthand experience on how access to research-based information and knowledge can positively impact sustainability of a farm and forever change a life. After graduating from college, I started an organic vegetable farm and achieved 1500% growth in 3 years. The success of the farm can be attributed mostly to my access to valuable information through researchers and experienced extension personnel. This experience has driven me to pursue a career that is focused on how to leverage technology for agricultural research and extension in a way that both reflects the realities farmers face, and is useful to and used by farmers. The practical experiences I gained as a farmer and my trainings as environmental scientist, soil scientist, and agricultural economist essentially inform my philosophy on the importance of agricultural extension in improving the livelihoods of farmers and agricultural communities.

My research, academic, and leadership skills, have been recognized through various merit based national and international scholarships, awards, and achievements including a USAID sponsored Feed the Future Fall Armyworm Tech Prize and Bullitt Environmental Fellowship.



Agricultural Environmental Sciences

This was when I earned my PhD degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences at Washington state University

Soil Sciences


Agricultural Economics


Agricultural Extension 89%
Model Development 61%
Strategy and Planning 88%
Communication 66%
Understanding Numbers 96%
Creativity and Problem solving 83%
Motivational 90%