become a farmwella farmer

Eligibility Criteria:

Passion and interest for agriculture and must be ready to do the work involved. Must be a member of an agricultural cooperative.

Full Membership benefits include:
  • Access to Farmwella’s members-only farm support services
  • Access to Farmwella’s guaranteed market (Eatwella) to off-take the farm produce
  • Access to finance and crop insurance to mitigate risks.
  • Participate in Farmwella’s enlightening and educating trainings and master classes
  • Access to technology (App), inputs (seeds, irrigation, land, fertilizer), machinery needed.
  • Access to information, education, training and data needed to farm well
  • Monitoring and evaluation farmers’ progress coupled with good feedback mechanism.
  • New member receptions and orientation
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Opportunities to connect with fellow farmer-entrepreneurs
  • Opportunities for professional development, leadership roles, and community service
  • Access to multi-faceted agricultural support services and resources
  • Access to quality production systems that is sustainable, health and environmentally friendly.
  • Review and discuss the latest global production and consumption trends with Farmwella staff, member farmers, and agricultural value chain actors.

As a member, your responsibilities are:

  • To farm/produce according to FarmWella’s specifications and standards, and in line with organic agricultural practices
  • To actively manage your farms by following the guidelines given by the company
  • To be present and actively involved in your farm activities and operations.
  • To actively participate in cluster farm meetings and events regularly, as they are organized by the company
  • To pay membership dues on time.
  • To work with other farmers within FarmWella’s corporate cluster.
  • To undergo training after recruitment.
  • To subscribe to FarmWella’s farm monitoring and market access technology.
  • To maintain professional conduct by treating Farmwella staff, fellow member farmers and our guests with respect and courtesy.
  • To help maintain a positive, friendly environment necessary for all members to learn and grow.
  • To be an ambassador for Farmwella and an advocate for sustainable agriculture
  • To be present during farm monitoring visits by staff of the company.