We Support Farmers

We Profit Together

Farming in Africa can be Profitable, Sustainable, and Empowering.

A network of farmers and partners to build a food-secure Africa

Profit with our Farmwella Communities

At Farmwella, we address Africa’s agriculture holistically. We use a scientific, economic, and data driven approach. The results are lucrative and sustainable opportunities for African farmers and global partners.

72% of African youth are unemployed or underemployed. Our training and support creates good jobs for millions.

We use agriculture to create wealth for farmers, partners and the farming communities.

Agriculture can harm the environment or help it.

Our 2-acre farms create sustainability.

Most African farmers can’t access good seed, good land, small loans, or efficient irrigation. Our systems provide all a farmer needs to Farm well.

Some of the organization supporting us

How we do it


Climate-smart incubation farms. A hub for education, farm services, and sustainable crop production for African farmers.


A proprietary farm monitoring technology that guide farmers throughout production cycle and provide partners with necessary updates.


Continuous education, training, and support on the most productive, profitable, and resilient farming systems to date.


A reliable and profitable market for our farmers.

What Moves You?


I want to place technology in the hands of African farmers.


I want to see vibrant African farming communities.


I want to empower African women and youth.


Everyone should have fresh foods.


Earth is home to all of us.

I'll show you how