Our Services

Our services provide a multi-pronged solution that tackles the three main difficulties in Africa's unstructured agricultural sector: access to farm support services, efficient production, and access to profitable market.

Agricultural Support

Support services are available for farmers in our network to attain optimal levels of productivity and produce quality while minimizing negative environmental impacts


A production system have been developed to optimize the agricultural production efficiency of a small-scale farm more like a large scale farm.


Farmers are given access to our market services which include good warehousing practices, reliable marketing system, alongside increased profits.


What We Offer

Farm 6

We have developed and tested a mobile application which can be used by farmers to track carbon content and improve farm productivity


Our Agribusiness Masterclass has been designed to educate farmers on better farm practices before they are introduced to their farms


Farmwella provides supervision of each farm unit by employing farming techniques that have given positive results in other practices


Small-scale farmers are given access to financial services and sponsors which can help promote the production and sale of their output

The Two-Acre Farms

Farmwella’s Two-Acre farm initiative creates two-acre farms across Africa that give farmers access to training, infrastructure, credit facilities, monitoring technologies, and a guaranteed market. Our Two Acre farm initiative is a cluster farming system engaging ten young farmers in intensive vegetable production and giving them access to training systems, farming infrastructure, credit facilities, monitoring technologies, and guaranteed markets for their produce.

Impact Of Two-Acre Farms

Using Farmwella methods, yields increased to 400% of the local average, with some growers achieving 700% of the local yield.


Funding through mutually beneficial financial systems

Farmwella collaborates with sponsors to finance the farms and provide a multi-pronged solution. All involved members profit fom the success.

Farmers can secure land, get insurance and cover the logistics

Consistent quarterly rental income for sponsors

Reduced risk and more reliablity

Eradicating poverty


A state of the art technology developed to improve productivity

We provide farmers with a mobile application used to determine the best soil for farming, give details about a specific crop and help make better production decisions.

Measuring carbon content

Efficient farming practices

Great user experience

Real-time information