Sponsor a Farmwella Farm

Provide finance for farmers to implement                              sustainable agricultural practices

Why you should invest in Farmwella

We believe that the long-lasting sustainable impact needed in Africa will be funded through mutually beneficial financial systems where all involved members profit from collective success.


Innovative Technology

A cutting edge technology has been developed to reduce farming risks and produce greater yield.


High Return on Investement

Sponsor receive a 52% ROI on initial five year lease for permanent farm owners and 83% ROI for temporary farm owners.


Long-term Productivity

It is expected that a farmland should wear out after a while but with our sustainable farming practices, the value of the farm will continue to increase overtime

As a sponsor you can own two different types of farms

Permanently owned Two-acre farm

Purchased in the name of the sponsor

Rental income will continue after initial five years

Setup cost is high 

Best suited for Nigerians and those who wants to own a farmland

Temporarily owned Two-acre farm

Created through our collaboration with several Nigerian Universities.

Rental income will be received over the period of five years only

Setup time is short

Best suited for non-Nigerians


Timeline For Subscription And Farm Setup Implementation


Subscription & Indication of Interest

The sponsor indicates interest in sponsoring Two-Acre farm(s) by submitting initial application of interest on our website. The application will undergo a review before final approval.



Payment & Terms Of Agreement

Payment upon application approval. The sponsor will have 90 days to complete the full payment with at least 40% paid at the signing of terms of agreement. Accounts will be created for the sponsor communication and monitoring.

1 to 90 DAYS


Land/Farm Setup

Here, Farmwella will purchase farmland and set up the Two-Acre farm on behalf of the sponsor. Thereafter, a five year lease agreement will be signed between Farmwella and the sponsor.
60 to 90 DAYS


Recruitment and Trainning

Concurrently ongoing with step 3 is the recruitment and training of the potential farmers for the sponsored Two-Acre farm. The recruitment would proceed in four stages: application; selection; online training; and onfarm training.

60 to 90 DAYS



At this stage, successful candidates will be allocated units within the Two-Acre farm and will sign final agreements with Farmwella.


Rental Fees

After successfully setting up the farm and recruiting farmers into the farm, the sponsor will start receiving rental income every 4 months on the farm infrastructure.


Popular Questions From Sponsors

Yes. We allow a maximum of two people to co-own a Two-Acre farm. Each person will have their separate accounts for monitoring and rental income payment.
No. Once the five-year lease is finalized, the operation of the farm lies under the purview of Farmwella management. While sponsors can make suggestions through their account dashboard, final decision making on the choice of crop grown, the farming practices, and general management of the farm solely lies with Farmwella.
Every sponsor will have an account on our website. The sponsor will be able to monitor updates on their respective Two Acre farm through this account. In addition, the sponsor will also receive a monthly update on the state of their farms.
The five-year lease is essential to create long-term stability for improved agricultural productivity and profitability. Also, our goal is for every sponsor to recoup their investment before the end of the initial lease. We found five years to be the most appropriate period to recoup investment even under a worst-case scenario.
Sustainable farming with reduced environmental impact is the hallmark of Farmwella’s operation. Every Two-Acre farm within our network will be certified organic. The organic certification requires Farmwella farmers to follow sustainable farming practices that will improve the farmland rather than mining it. We expect the Two-Acre farm to be in better shape in terms of soil carbon quality at the end of the five-year lease than at the beginning. This means the value of your Two-Acre farm will continue to increase overtime.
The sponsor will have the option to renew the lease, take control of the farm, or sell it off.
While the sponsor can recommend people to become Farmwella farmers, the final decision on who can farm on any Two-Acre farm lies with the Farmwella management team.
Yes, it is possible. It depends on the location of the farmland and its suitability for our system. The farmland needs to be in a location that aligns with the strategic plans of Farmwella. You can contact Farmwella team (sponsor@farmwella.com) for more information.
While we do not encourage lease cancellation, we recognize there might be extenuating circumstances that warrant such. However, the cancellation will require at least six months notification and cancellation fees of $1710.
All Farmwella farmers will be required to complete the Agribusiness MasterClass (an official certified course developed through collaboration between Farmwella and Washington State University). Provision of education and training will drastically increase the success and profitability of the farming operation.
All produce from the Two-Acre farm will be marketed through colaboration with our sister company, Eatwella. Without business education and an understanding of fluid market systems, farmers often drastically undersell their product. Farmwella helps farmers maximize profit through a unique collaboration system as well as guarantee minimum price offering by Eatwella. This collaboration creates a stable market for farmers and allows Eatwella to market the Farmwella harvest as premium produce. Eatwella’s ability as a corporate organization to package, ship, and market a product far exceeds the ability of individual farmers. This marketing system will remove the weight of marketing and selling from the farmers’ shoulders, allowing farmers to focus on maximizing the yield, quality, and productivity of their farm.
Not all typical Nigerian farmers can afford the rent but ALL Farmwella’s farmers can. Our pricing system is based on experiences gathered from the existing Two-Acre farms. We developed the pricing in such a way that the farmers can start making profit within three months of operation on the Two-Acre farm. Each farmer will be paying an average of $65 per month while making an average profit of $647 per production cycle (three months). More than 60% of smallholder farmers in Africa makes about $2 per day while a starting Farmwella farmer makes $7 per day even under worst case scenario. The combination of the farm infrastructure, on-farm physical and technological monitoring, and a guaranteed market system creates improved productivity and profitability uncommon in Nigeria, but, it is also designed to be affordable for farmers.