Empowering the next generation of African farmers

Partner in our journey to make sustainable farming attractive and profitable for the next generation of African farmers.

A large network of farmers and sponsors to build a food-secure Africa

Welcome to Farmwella

A sustainable development company empowering the next generation of farmers in Africa. Our solution is streamlined to tackle the three difficulties in Africa's unstructured agricultural sector: access to farm support services, efficient production systems, and access to profitable market.

Become a Farmwella Farmer

Farmers in our network have access to all the support services needed to implement sustainable agricultural practices including our technology that educate and guide them throughout the farming cycle.


Advise and educate farmers on the most productive, profitable, and resilient farming systems to date.


Closely monitor farm activities to support farmers, and ensure optimal soil and crop management practices for the highest quality harvest.


Connect farmers to a strong community and streamline access to farm support services.


Innovative marketing system that mitigate economic risks that currently limits profitability and reward farmers beyond the farm gate.

why choose farmwella?

Farmwella is unique among competitors, because we address Africa’s agricultural sector holistically. What sets us apart is not only the scientific, economic, and data driven approach to progressing African agriculture, but the lucrative business opportunities for African farmers, and global investors alike.


Sponsor a Famwella Farms

Farmwella is partnering with individuals and organizations to sponsor Two-Acre farms as a network of agricultural real estate investment across Africa. These farms offer the sponsors a sustainable and low risk investment with good returns and the opportunity to partake in the mission of empowering the next generation of African farmers.

Frequently Asked Question

The first step is for the potential sponsor to indicate interest by submitting initial application of interest on our website. The application will undergo a review before final approval.

Farmwella will purchase farmland and set up the Two-Acre farm on
behalf of the sponsor. Thereafter, a five-year management agreement
will be signed between Farmwella and the sponsor.

Each unit of the Two-Acre farms operates as a cluster farm engaging
farmers in intensive vegetable production and giving them access to
training systems, farming infrastructure, credit facilities, monitoring
technologies, and guaranteed markets for their produce. This improves
productivity and profitability, while reducing prevailing uncertainty with
agricultural activities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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