Sweet Potato – Purple (1kg)


Sweet potatoes are incredibly versatile. The colour of sweet potatoes varies from white, yellow, purple, and orange.

The sweet potatoes (OFSP-PINK) also referred to as the Japanese Sweet Potato has beautiful skin to purple skin which is white in the interior. They are usually long, slender, and irregularly shaped tuber which can be attractive in any presentation. It also has a distinct flavor and taste that will keep you wanting more.


  • Its naturally low in fat and has a high nutritional value.
  • Rich in antioxidants as well as heart-healthy minerals
  • Can aid weight loss, improve your sight, and control glucose levels (So you won’t have to be scared of the rising of your sugar level)
  • Offers 4.6grams of dietary fiber which is very essential in keeping your digestive system healthy

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We bring to you our pink Orange Fresh Sweet Potato (OFSP).

Our sweet potato is grown naturally with no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or harmful chemicals.

100% safe for your health.

Our sweet potatoes (OFSP-purple) distinctively stand out from others.

  • It possesses a sweeter taste and softer flesh with light yellow coloring.
  • Eco-friendly and grown with organic practices that won’t have any setback of common and harmful diseases in the long run
  • Freshly harvested from the farm and void of toxic preservatives and chemicals.
  • A quick and intact delivery that will blow your expectations.

We won’t skip out on the fact that research has shown that there is one variety of vegetables that helps build your tissues, bones, muscles, and skin.

Delay no further, place an order today.

Deliveries are every Thursday in Lekki (Lagos) and Bodija (Ibadan). The listed price is 1kg.

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