We bring to you our Sweeter than sweet “corn”

Corn that doesn’t discriminate, can be consumed by both young and old.

A good take-home healthy snack for your children during this holiday, balanced in basic nutrients (carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, and roughage) and very filling.

Our sweetcorn is grown naturally with no pesticides, herbicides, or any harmful chemical.

100% safe for your health.
The taste of the yellow milky kernels leaves you with a memory you would wish to continue to replay.

This particular corn can be consumed in various ways:
👉🏻Can be consumed fresh as harvested from the stalk
👉🏻Can be boiled for 10-15 mins
👉🏻Can be used in your salads which gives it a complete rainbow color with different ingredients
👉🏻Can be smoked if you are a lover of smoked corn 🌽
What else have you………

Harvesting commence from the 22nd April to 7th May

Note all orders ends on or before 9pm on Thursday

Deliveries are every Friday in these states (Lagos,Ibadan,Osun state) till harvesting ends.


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