Top 5 Agricultural News For The Week

Tolu Adebola

Tolu Adebola

Welcome to our weekly report on the latest happenings in the agricultural sector worldwide. Agriculture is an integral part of the global economy and is essential for providing food security to the world’s growing population. 

This article will provide an overview of the most recent developments and notable events from the past week in the agricultural industry.

Scholar Prof. Oyelaran-Oyeyinka Offers Solutions to Strengthen Nigeria's Agriculture

Prof. Banji Oyelaran-Oyeyinka, an esteemed scholar, addresses Nigeria’s fragile agriculture at the Africa Social Impact Summit. Noting that 70% of rural Africans depend solely on farming, he emphasizes the urgency to overcome low-income traps. 


He advocates transitioning to urban, industry-based economies, backed by investments in rural infrastructure, technology, and education. Prof. Oyelaran-Oyeyinka also highlights the need to reduce post-harvest losses, a critical step for enhancing food security. His insights offer a clear roadmap for transforming Nigeria’s agricultural landscape and fostering sustainable economic growth. Read More

NASRDA Collaborates with eGate for AI-Driven Healthcare and Agriculture Transformation

Nigeria’s National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) has joined forces with eGate Technology to introduce a cutting-edge AI platform for digital transformation in healthcare and agriculture. 

This collaboration will incorporate AI, Biometric Digital Identity & payment smart cards, Electronic medical records, Hospital management, Telemedicine, and Training & Simulation Platform to drive innovation. The Memorandum of Understanding was formalized between Dr. Halilu Ahmad, NASRDA’s Director General, and Mr. Essam El Saghir, eGate Technology Chairman, alongside Dr. Olugbenga Leke Oyewole of MilkyWay Limited, marking a significant leap toward technological advancement.

Read More.

Minister Acheampong Reveals Ghana's Largest Poultry Farm Plan by Dr. Osei Kwame Despite

Minister Bryan Acheampong has disclosed a groundbreaking proposal for Ghana’s biggest poultry farm, led by business magnate Dr. Osei Kwame Despite. The poultry sector’s profitability prompted Dr. Despite to explore the venture following Minister Acheampong’s proposal. 

In a conversation with radio host Kwame Sefa Kayi on Peace FM, Minister Acheampong highlighted the strategic vision to enhance Ghana’s food security through this initiative. Read More.

Advocate for Sustainable Practices Drives Change in Agriculture and Urban Farming

Dedicated to fostering sustainability and conserving natural resources, this committed individual is making waves in the realms of agriculture and urban farming. Their journey commenced during their volunteer work at TEENS Uganda, an organization focusing on neighborhood sustainability. 


Their efforts were directed towards training women in backyard gardening, empowering them to produce their own food and generate income. Inspired by the impact on these women, they initiated a similar project within their school, highlighting the potential of farming in even the smallest spaces. This dedication underscores the power of grassroots initiatives in driving positive change. Read More.

House Committee Targets CCP's Intellectual Property Theft in U.S. Agriculture

Leaders of the House Select Committee on the Communist Party of China are focusing on CCP’s alleged efforts to steal U.S. agricultural intellectual property, particularly seed engineering technology. Committee leaders, including Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) and Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-Ill.), engaged with farmers in Dysart, Iowa, to address agricultural technology theft and its impact on the American agriculture sector. Gallagher stressed the need to protect American technology and resources and highlighted the urgency of countering CCP’s actions, stating that letting them steal from Americans amounts to conceding the game. Read More.


So, that’s a quick summary of what’s been going on in the last two weeks. If you enjoyed this update, please consider giving us a like, sharing it with your friends, leaving a comment, and subscribing to our channel. 

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