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Partner with us in making sustainable farming attractive and profitable for farmers with our farm support services, efficient production technology, and profitable market.

A network of farmers and sponsors to build a food-secure Africa

Sponsor a Farmwella Farm

Farmwella is partnering with individuals and organizations to sponsor our Two-Acre farms initiative, a network of agricultural real estate investment across Africa. These farms offer the sponsors a sustainable and low risk investment with good returns and the opportunity to partake in the mission of empowering the next generation of African farmers.

Empower the next generation of African farmers

Combat global hunger through improved farming methods and marketing tactics

Reduced risk and create highly profitable farming system

Provide high return real estate investment for sponsors

why choose farmwella?

Farmwella is unique among competitors, because we address Africa’s agricultural sector holistically. What sets us apart is not only the scientific, economic, and data driven approach, but the lucrative business opportunities for African farmers, and global investors alike. We have developed the technology, production, and market systems that create sustainable impact for African farmers.

Active Monitoring

Our farmers enjoy close monitoring and training on most productive practices throughout the farming cycle.

Shared Prosperity

Shared platform that create mutually beneficial financial systems for farmers, sponsors, and all involved.

Long term Productivity

Farmwella farmers have access to modern farming infrastructure to optimize production and profitability.


All farmers within Farmwella network have access to all the support services needed to implement sustainable agricultural practices.

Become a Farmwella Farmer

Farmers in our network have access to all the support services needed to implement sustainable agricultural practices. This includes access to finance, continuous training systems, monitoring technology, efficient production systems, and guaranteed market.


Continuous advice and education on the most productive, profitable, and resilient farming systems to date.


Reliable monitoring and support systems to implement farm activities that boost yield, attain highest harvest quality, and foster sustainability.


Connection to a strong community of like-minded farmers and streamline access to farm support services.


Access to our technology, unique production system as well as a guaranteed and profitable market from the get go.

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