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Sponsor a Famwella Farms

Farmwella is partnering with individuals and organizations to sponsor our Two-Acre farms initiative, a network of agricultural real estate investment across Africa. These farms offer the sponsors a sustainable and low risk investment with good returns and the opportunity to partake in the mission of empowering the next generation of African farmers.

Frequently Asked Question

A Two-Acre farm is a agricultural real estate owned by a SPONSOR(s) and optimized for intensive agricultural production of Farmwella. This farm is managed by Farmwella and made available for rent by trained agricultural entrepreneurs in Africa.

A sponsor is any individual or organization interested in building a profitable agricultural real estate but also interested in empowering farmers in Africa. If you are interested in building a long-term and sustainable real estate asset in Africa, or interested in empowering African farmers, or just want to own a low risk investment asset, then, you are probably a potential sponsor for our Two-Acre farms.

The first step to becoming a Two-Acre sponsor is to indicate your interest by submitting an application of interest on our website. The application will undergo a review before final approval.
Once your application is approved, we will get in touch with you with further details about payment, terms of agreement, farm setup and all the critical steps involved.

Farmwella will purchase farmland and set up the Two-Acre farm on
behalf of the sponsor. Thereafter, a five-year management agreement
will be signed between Farmwella and the sponsor. Once the farm is fully setup, the sponsor begin to receive regular rental income on the Two-Acre farm infrastructure.

Each unit of the Two-Acre farms operates as a cluster farm engaging
farmers in intensive vegetable production and giving them access to
training systems, farming infrastructure, credit facilities, monitoring
technologies, and guaranteed markets for their produce. This improves
productivity and profitability, while reducing prevailing uncertainty with
agricultural activities in Sub-Saharan Africa.
The collaboration with sponsors of our Two-Acre farms makes it possible for us to provide a multi-pronged solution that tackles the three difficulties in Africa’s unstructured agricultural sector:
Access to farm support services,
Efficient production systems, and
Access to profitable market.

The actual cost to sponsor a Two-Acre farm varies depending on the location and the level of optimization a sponsor wants. However, we have found the cost of a typical Two-Acre farm to range between $6500 and $10,000. The current offering are located in the Southwestern part of Nigeria.  We hope to expand to other countries in the coming years.

Yes. We allow a maximum of two people to co-own a Two-Acre farm. Each person will have their separate accounts for monitoring and rental
income payment.

Every sponsor will have an account on our website through which MONTHLY updates will be provided. This will include pictures and videos and progress report on your specific Two-Acre farm. In addition, there will be a general monthly newsletter made available to you on the state of things with the whole Two-Acre initiatives.

There are two level of insurance on every Two-Acre farm. Each farm operation within the Two-Acre farm will be insured. In addition, the whole Two-Acre farm infrastructure will be insured. The insurance creates a low risk for all the parties: farmers, sponsors, and Farmwella.
The Two-Acre farms are also fenced. This protect the farms against other insecurity common to farm operations in Nigeria.

We have boots on the ground for each unit of Two-Acre farm. In combination with our proprietary farm monitoring technology, we have physical monitoring and a logistics team for the administration of the Two-Acre farm.

why choose farmwella?

Farmwella is unique among competitors, because we address Africa’s agricultural sector holistically. What sets us apart is not only the scientific, economic, and data driven approach, but the lucrative business opportunities for African farmers, and global investors alike. We have developed the technology, production, and market systems that create sustainable impact for African farmers.

Become a Farmwella Farmer

Farmers in our network have access to all the support services needed to implement sustainable agricultural practices. This includes access to finance, continuous training systems, monitoring technology, efficient production systems, and guaranteed market.


Continuous advice and education on the most productive, profitable, and resilient farming systems to date.


Reliable monitoring and support systems to implement farm activities that boost yield, attain highest harvest quality, and foster sustainability.


Connection to a strong community of like-minded farmers and streamline access to farm support services.


Access to our technology, unique production system as well as a guaranteed and profitable market from the get go.