The Farmwella Farm Internship Program

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Applications are open for the 2021 Farmwella farm internship program

The Farmwella Farm Internship is a six-months full immersion training program for aspiring farmers who want to gain significant farming production experience and increase the chances of funding opportunities for their farming enterprises. Before you start your application, please read the Training Handbook. Here you will find a complete program description, including all requirements, policies, and expectations. You’ll be provided with a printed copy of this handbook upon acceptance into the program.

Gain global perspective on how to farm sustainably and profitably

Improve agricultural skills beyond classroom walls

Develop managerial experience as a farmer and earn a globally accepted certificate in the process

Access to funding opportunities for your farming enterprise

Do I have to pay for the internship?

Scholarships for up to 100% of the tuition are available for those that qualify. You can find more information about the scholarship here. The Training Program has a tuition fee of N250,000. 

The tuition cost helps to fund the following.

  • Housing for the participants
  • Monthly allowance
  • Agribusiness Masterclass Certificates
  • Administrative costs, and
  • General support from the staff who is available throughout the program and beyond.

You will get all the above benefits at no cost if your scholarship application is approved. 

Selection Process


Submit Application

Indicate interest by submitting application online.


Phone Interview

Farmwella staff will set up a 15–20-minute intake phone call with you.



The interview is an opportunity to know you and see if it might be a good fit for both parties.


Placement Offer

After interviews, we will make placement offers. At this point, applicants can choose to accept or decline an offer.

Benefits of the program

The majority of the program is focused on learning by doing through hands-on participation in the day-to-day operations at Farmwella farms. The participants will gain production mastery of five (5) high profitable crops in agri-business. Over time, the participants take on more responsibility in certain areas at the farm. These areas could include helping to manage people or processes, farm operation, field observation, record keeping, product deliveries, marketing, irrigation, and/or general farm maintenance.

In addition to the hands-on training at Farmwella Farms, the participants would benefit from the World-Class education of Washington State University’s Agribusiness Masterclass. Participants will receive certificates in five specialized farm business & management topics. Such as:

  • Organic Farming
  • Farm Business Planning
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Sustainable Soil Management
  • Equipment, Infrastructure, and Systems (fencing, sheds, irrigation systems,)
  • Farm Finances

Learn more about the Agribusiness Masterclass here.

Every participant will be able to benefit from three different sources of funding after the program.

  1. Support Services: Every participant will qualify to be a Farmwella farmer after the training. Farmwella farmers enjoy access to all the support services needed to implement sustainable agricultural practices. This includes access to finance, continuous training systems, monitoring technology, efficient production systems, and a guaranteed market.
  2. Investor Pitch Fund: Every participant will have the chance to make a presentation to potential investors at the end of the program. This is mostly applicable for participants with investable ideas and concrete plans on implementation.
  3. Organizational Funding: We have developed partnerships with other funding organizations including the Bank of Agriculture. Through these collaborations, participants could have access to as much N1million naira low-interest loan after completing the program.

We have created a scholarship program that could cover as much as 95% of the cost of the internship training. Qualified participants should take advantage of these scholarships. Through the scholarship, we will be able to provide support services including housing and a monthly stipend of N20, 000 for the qualified participants.

Skills Gained

  • Suitable site identification for specific crops (including soil types)
  • Pre planting -soil test and interpretation.
  • Crop/soil-specific nutrient management.
  • Crop growth stages and needs.
  • Crop market dynamics
  • Organic pest management practices
  • Organic soil and nutrient management practices
  • Organic fertilizer production techniques (Compost, Manure Tea, and more)
  • Organic pesticides production techniques
  • Successful crop rotation guide
  • Seed varieties identification and selection guide
  • Nursery setup, preparations, and germination tricks
  • Hardening techniques before transplanting
  • Transplanting techniques (including no of true leaves, transplant height, etc.)
  • Weed management techniques and planning.
  • Pest and disease management practices
  • Drip irrigation setup and management
  • Staking & trellising setup and management
  • Bed making for yield optimization
  • Water management skills
  • Proper plots labeling/identification
  • Sterilization of vines before planting.
  • Planting skills including accurate vines plant spacing and direction of vine planting on the bed.
  • Seed and stem multiplication techniques
  • Successful crop rotation guide
  • IPM approach to pest and disease management
  • Storage techniques for vines before planting.
  • Preventing/managing post-harvest loss
  • Harvesting and packaging techniques
  • Record keeping
  • Data-driven farming/ agronomic practices.
  • Sack sourcing
  • Sustainable Soil Mix
  • Sack arrangement and spacing
  • Sack farming irrigation setup

Program Requirements

To complete the program successfully, participants must:

  • Complete 600-720 hours of on-farm training,
  • Attend all classes and discussions, with no more than three absences,
  • Participate in two on-farm evaluation sessions,
  • Give a final presentation and written report,
  • Give feedback to Farmwella via a program exit evaluation.


To apply, you must:

  • Be over 18 years of age (we cannot accept minors due to liability issues)
  • Be currently residing in Nigeria.
  • Be able to commit to the entire internship period (6 months)
  • Be physically fit and able to endure long days of work in varying temperatures and conditions
  • Be able to read and write


The Ideal Candidate

We are looking for someone with: 

  • A positive attitude and a desire to learn
  • The willingness to assume responsibility for actions and mistakes
  • Grit and determination
  • An ability to work well on a team but think independently
  • Strong character, supportable by references
  • An interest in learning about organic & sustainable crop production.
  • A teachable and humble mindset

Not required: No experience is required to apply, however preference will be given to applicants that have some previous farming or outdoor work experience.

Priority Application Deadline: March  2021.

Applications that come in by this date will be considered first and will thus have a better chance of securing a scholarship and placement. However, we will continue to accept application on beyond this date.

Scholarship Application Deadline: February 2021.

After you’ve read through the Training Handbook, click on the application link at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions, please contact the Education Director –

Provide finance for farmers to implement sustainable agricultural practices and get profits in return

Farmers in our network have access to all the support services needed to implement sustainable agricultural practices. 



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