"Using Farmwella methods, yields increased to 400% of the local average, with some growers achieving 700% of the local yield"

Our services provide a multi-pronged solution that tackles the three main difficulties in Africa’s unstructured agricultural sector: access to
farm support services, efficient production, and access to profitable market. Our products are developed in the context of this solution.

Our technology is designed to educate and guide the farmers throughout the farming cycle. The technology also monitors farm activities and the disbursement of agricultural
inputs, at the right time, and applied in the right ways.

Providing access to farm services in a way that increases reliability to both farmers and providers

We are an innovative sustainable development company aimed to empower and support the next generation of farmers in Africa. We create impacts by making sustainable farming cool and profitable for the next generation of African farmers.

We believe in an Africa that feeds itself and the world sustainably—where economically sustainable food and farming system provide profit and resiliency.

Make sustainable farming cool and profitable for the next generation of African farmers by creating access to farm support services, efficient production systems, and access to profitable market.

We believe that the long-lasting sustainable impacts needed in Africa will be funded through mutually beneficial financial systems where all involved members profit from collective success.

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Cornelius Adewale


“We want to create opportunities. We can use FarmWella to inspire a critical mass of agricultural entrepreneurs, innovators, and change-makers in Africa. This is why we are building an army of people that believe in our mission.”

Cedric Habiyaremye


“We believe that Africa’s greatest opportunity for development lies in agriculture. We are passionate about using our technology and innovative models to create improved value for all stakeholders and help farmers grow more, sell more and sell for more.”

Lynne Carpenter-Boggs


“FarmWella is powered by people who believe in creating solutions to existing problems in African agriculture and transform them into economic opportunities for all stakeholders.”

Lawal Bakare


“We are an impact-driven agricultural company. Farmers are at the center of all we do. We utilize technology and appropriate innovative models to create access to information, education, training, and resources smallholder farmers need to farm well.”